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Naturopathic Doctor
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Dr. Lun published in
Healthy Directions
magazine, Feb/Mar
2012 page 27

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New clinic location
Niagara Falls, ON

Dr. Lun published in
Winter 2010 Diabetes
Education journal
"On the Cutting Edge"

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Pressure naturally

Dr. Lun and the
Ridgeway Wellness
Centre featured in
the Fort Erie Times
Niagara Falls • Niagara-On-The-Lake (NOTL) • St. Catharines • Thorold • Queenston • Fort Erie • Ridgeway • Stevensville • Crystal Beach • Port Colbourne • Welland
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355 Ridge Rd. N, Ridgeway, ON

Phone: (Toll-Free) 1-888-550-5303
E-mail: DrLun.ND@gmail.com
Welcome to the site of Dr. Benna Lun, Naturopathic Doctor
Your Niagara Naturopath ~ Professional Guidance for Natural Health

Dr. Benna Lun, ND is a naturopathic doctor proudly serving Ontario's picturesque Niagara region
Naturopathic Doctors (aka. Naturopaths, ND's) are
medically licensed and trained primary healthcare
professionals who practice Naturopathic Medicine,
a whole-body system of healing using all-natural
therapies and supplements to treat and prevent
disease. Instead of seeing multiple natural
healthcare professionals, you receive the benefit of
accredited medical training and a combined
treatment approach with your Naturopath.
Naturopathic medicine supports your body's natural
healing abilities and aims to remove the root
problems that lead to disease. Click here to learn
more about naturopathic medicine and how it can
help you.

Dr. Lun uses a combination of natural therapies
to suit the needs of each individual patient.
Nutritional Counselling
Dietary Supplements
Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture
Herbal Medicine
Lifestyle Counselling
Chinese Cupping Massage
Facial (Cosmetic Acupuncture)
Bach Flower Remedies

Why see a Naturopathic Doctor?
More and more people are turning to natural health
care options for the treatment of their medical
conditions and to improve overall health and well-
being. There is an over-whelming amount of
information available regarding natural health and it
can be difficult to figure out what treatments are safe
and will work best for you. Naturopaths are trained to
provide professional guidance for natural healthcare.
Why choose Dr. Lun?
Dr. Benna Lun, ND is a licensed and experienced
medical professional, offers her patients more time
and attention than most doctors, and takes an
extremely thorough approach to patient care. She
believes strongly in patient education, and
welcomes patients to bring forth all of their health-
related questions and concerns.

How soon can I get an appointment?
Dr. Lun is currently accepting patients at 2
convenient clinic locations in the Niagara region.
Daytime, Evening, and Saturday appointments are
available. Call (toll-free) 1-888-550-5303 or e-mail
her to book your first appointment. FREE 15-
minute Introductory Consults are available if you
would like to meet Dr. Lun and receive more
information before deciding  to move forward with